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Canmore Art Galleries

posted by: Canmore Mountain Lodge on: February 17, 2013 04:28:27 PM

Winter enthusiasts love the abundance and variety of experiences in which they can indulge in Canmore. Canmore’s powder snow has drawn visitors since time immemorial.  Whether you’re extremely active and unable to resist the lures of the nearby Olympic trails, or you wish a more contemplative retreat into the awe-inspiring outdoors, Canmore offers experiences unmatched in nature’s world of beauty. 


Fearless skiers who have exhausted themselves on the slopes and camera-laden bushgoers weary from traveling Canmore’s myriad of awe-inspiring trails may have returned to their lodgings to relax after the day’s excitement.  Tired, they may need reminding of another golden experience in the community, namely, a visit or tour of the local world-class art galleries.


Despite its size, Canmore has a high concentration of artists who either migrated here with their skills and traditions, or are talented locals with imaginations stimulated by the area’s exquisite surroundings. Both groups remained and reached the point where they could not resist developing their abilities.  Public demand encouraged them to display their works of perfection. They responded to the need for keepsakes for an audience impressed with Canmore’s environment. Visitors want to remember and showcase the beauty of their vacations in their homes, or in the homes of friends.


Artist facilities in Canmore await your visit or tour to share their imaginative and fascinating creations. Through them you will be able to take home facsimiles of your memorable outdoor experiences. Blog readers are invited to sample the long list and websites of artists’ studios, public galleries, and commercial galleries.


Aboriginal artist, Jason Carter, features paintings, soapstone carvings, and musical acts in his Carter-Ryan Gallery and Live Art Venue on Main Street.  Also on Main Street is The Avens Gallery, which, features glass sculptures as well as paintings.  Close by on Main Street is Elevation Gallery which concentrates on the contemporary styles of some 20 visual artists.  Jewellery and printmaking will also entice visitors to Elevation.


Space here limits, but does not exhaust, the list of galleries off Main Street.  Be sure to visit the Edge Gallery not only for its exhibitions of original works but also for its specialty of professionally framing artistic treasures.  The community-run Canmore Library Gallery adds different dimensions to your tour of facilities: they represent all media and organize school shows as well as their private shows.  Customers seeking silk fabric and handpainted silk, as well as acrylics, pastels and more must not miss Dana Roman Studio.  Virginia Ann Hemingson Art Gallery welcomes visitors in search of both vibrant and warm colours.  Pottery can be enjoyed in the making at Of Cabbages & Kings Pottery Studio.  Their studio works are available for purchase.


Galleries above are only part of the artist experience available to Canmore’s visitors.  If you are reading this list in the comfortable surroundings of the Canmore Mountain Lodge and planning a visit, also check in with the tourist bureau to discover more opportunities which go on throughout the year. Some include the Christmas party and fair in December, and paint outs and picnicking with fellow artists during warmer conditions.  Inquire about figure drawing and other drawing classes.  And, don’t miss Canmore’s upcoming annual arts festival, which in 2013 is being held June 14, 15, and 16.


We know that visitors may have selected Canmore as their vacation destination for its powder snow, trails, trees, landscape scenes and sunsets.  We hope you are now inspired to seek out and visit Canmore’s galleries, studios and artists.  We also hope you will consider obtaining some of their wonderful creations and keepsakes to enjoy at home!

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