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Check Out the Canmore Winter Carnival: Jan. 31 to 23

posted by: Canmore Mountain Lodge on: January 30, 2014 12:39:53 PM

There is no better setting to be immersed in than the Canadian wilderness during winter to revere the humbling, yet exhilarating effect of Mother Nature in her most picturesque state. The Canmore Winter Carnival, held this year for a record breaking 24 days between January 31st and February 23rd, offers attendees a chance to do just that: celebrate all things winter.

This year's festival will be made even more jubilant in nature by its alignment with both the Alberta Winter Games, and the XXII Sochi Winter Olympic Games. The Canmore Civic Center Plaza will transform into a replicate of an Athlete's Village, paying homage to international sportsmanship by featuring activities, food vendors, and a giant TV screen broadcasting Olympic events. Any congregation of participants from all diverse walks of life, like-minded in their passion for winter sports, is bound to generate an incomparable energy. If previous years serve as any indication, that energy will be plentiful.

The events comprising the Carnival span the spectrum, as varied as the demographics toward which they are orientated and encompassing themes of art, athletics, music, and cuisine. Notably amongst these are the Kid 'n' Mutt Races, Ice Carving, Log Sawing, and Curling on the Pond. For those wanting to kick back, keep warm, and cheer on the partakers, the Athlete's Village serves as a bustling hub for the Carnival. Offering outdoor fire-pits, vendors, and a beer garden to satiate the food and beverage aficionados. Check out the video below to get a preview of what to expect.

Widely regarded as one of Canada's top winter festivals, the Carnival offers exciting enticement to those inclined to hibernation though the frigid months, snapping the cold spell with celebration. In addition to every day winter enthusiasts, you may also get a chance to rub elbows with the athletic elite, as former and present day Olympians have been known to frequent the festival. Please be aware that in addition to many complimentary events, some require preregistration and a small fee. View the Canmore Winter Carnival 2014 Schedule for full detailed event information.

Situated within walking distance of where the main stage for the festival will be, the Econolodge Canmore is your best choice for quality, convenience, and comfort while enjoying all that the Winter Carnival has to offer.

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