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Weekend Tastings & Ladies Night Out in Canmore

posted by: Canmore Mountain Lodge on: March 28, 2014 12:43:46 PM
Though it's often easy to place a little too much emphasis on diet (worrying about under/over-consuming, being preoccupied with calorie counting...) to establish a healthy relationship with food and drink enables us to enjoy it for what it is: another great enhancement to life, a centerpiece over which to share conversations and laughter with friends. This is the season in Canmore of the foodie, a fantastic chance to whet your appetite, and mingle a little while at it.

Weekend Tastings - Wine, Beer or Spirits | Every Saturday until December 28
Where: Crush & Cork- #117-1000 7th Ave. Canmore
Ideal if you are hosting a weekend soiree, or planning a night out of the town and are unsure of which liquid elixir to get the ball rolling, you can let your taste buds do the choosing. Between the hours of 2pm & 7pm, this reputable liquor depot will offer diverse sampling selections of beverage, so that you may find the perfect pairing to accompany that cocktail dress for the evening.
Ladies Night Out | Every Thursday from March 20 – April 17 
Where: Boston Pizza Lounge, 1704 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore
As women, who have a predisposition to nurturing the people and peripherals in their lives, it's nice when they can go out on an evening dedicated solely to themselves. Connectivity is the theme for the night, introducing women and local businesses, offering fabulous prize giveaways and of course, cocktail and appetizer specials equally as fabulous.
After hours upon hours of eating and drinking your way through the Canmore culinary scene, you might feel ready to lapse into a food induced coma, and there is no more comfortable a place to do so in than one of our Canmore Mountain Lodge rooms and suites. We look forward to seeing you!
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