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Why Is Canmore’s Winter Carnival So Successful?

posted by: Canmore Mountain Lodge on: February 05, 2013 12:11:55 PM

Canmore’s Annual Winter Carnival, from February 1-18, 2013 is now underway. One might think that a long-standing event such as the Winter Carnival would eventually run out of steam and be forced to downsize and downgrade.  The Question:  Is it possible for this festival to retain its appeal and standards?  The Answer: A resounding yes!



Again this year, this exceptional town is staging another exceptional event.  Visitors from afar are expected to travel and enjoy a Winter Carnival second to none.  Contingents from Calgary have already reserved accommodations at the Econolodge Canmore Mountain Lodge Resort.  Visitors from across Canada, the States and around the world are arriving to take part in our activities.  Why?  Because Canmore’s Carnival offers bonus features not available in other locations who hold winter celebrations.


Events which are becoming a tradition are well-known everywhere, and are too lengthy to list in this blog.  Not to worry, descriptions down to the most minute details for times, locations, prices (most are free) and other absorbing information can be obtained from Canmore’s Visitor Information Centre in the heart of downtown (907 7th Ave).  Ask any one of Canmore Mountain Lodge’s knowledgeable staff for their favourite recommendations.  Since “seeing is believing”, direct your computer to Canmore’s Downtown webcams or thrill to the excitement and fun of last year’s event on one of the YouTube videos.



The more popular activities of the Carnival include Kid ‘n’ Mutt Races, Log Sawing Competitions, Ice Carving, Snow Sculpting, Curling Bonspiels, a Bonhomme Carnival, and Exposure 2013.


These fun-filled attractions appeal to all age groups and skill levels. Their focus is on providing entertainment and bringing families together during the day and the night.


Think now how Canmore can boast that its events surpass those of other winter cities.  For example, does your town fair feature your mayor in real races with real dog sleds and real sled dogs? Probably not!  Likewise, is your town willing and prepared to clear its main street of all traffic and ice and then transform it into cross-country ski-tracks by trucking in hundreds of meters of snow groomed over the road surface?  Even in the unlikelihood of that possibility, how many community-minded businesses would welcome participants to use the track with equipment provided free by them?  In Canmore, Trail Sports is that Company!  What about curling? We expect less hardy clubs to fall back into their cozy indoor home rinks for bonspiels.  Canmore goes beyond for fresh air, outdoor air curling on a pond.  Register now or curl up next to a blazing bonfire while you knock back a few hot chocolates.


Although the carnival began a few days ago you may have been too involved in Canmore’s other world class activities in the snow to take in all it offers.  Don’t worry, the carnival carries on until the 18th of this month.  You still have time to sharpen your skates, wax your skis, take your kids to art and reading performances, cheer on the Canmore Eagles hockey team, or take in an ice climbing tech talk.  If you feel your energy finally dwindling from your activities, re-energize by dining in our award winning Chez Francois Restaurant and Lounge.  What a finale to a successful carnival!

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